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Our prices currently exclude VAT on certain products, they include VAT at the UK rate of 20% where applicable. Customers in other EU countries may have to pay VAT depending on location. Customers outside of the European Union do not pay any VAT.

Individuals who are chronically sick or disabled and whose products are for personal use, along with charities where the products are made available to a disabled person for their own personal or domestic use, may be eligible for VAT exemption. The majority of our prices include delivery charges but do not include VAT (unless otherwise clearly stated). To qualify for VAT exemption you must ensure the ‘VAT Exemption Reason’ field states the precise medical condition, and you meet the criteria at the time you place your order. Assuming you meet this criteria, VAT will not be added unless a particular product has compulsory VAT. A completed VAT Exemption Declarations by our customers are accepted as evidence by our company that a valid medical condition exists for exemption under The VAT Act, and no VAT will be charged on the goods purchased, but you must still indicate the reason at the time of checkout.

If, at a later date, HMRC disputes the validity of the medical condition, you will be liable to pay the appropriate VAT that should have been applied during the ordering process. Under these circumstances, we reserve the right to demand that you pay the VAT amount that is due.

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